MPKj eyes litterbugs with high-tech cameras

MPKj eyes litterbugs with high-tech cameras

27 February 2024

KAJANG Municipal Council (MPKj) will instal six portable closed-circuit television (CCTV) at undisclosed locations to address illegal dumping in its jurisdiction.

Council president Nazli Md Taib said it is in the midst of procuring these high-security solar-powered CCTVs.


Shariman inspecting a rubbish site in Kajang.

“The CCTVs will monitor illegal dumping hotspots.


“They are portable, which means we will change the location of the cameras depending on the severity of illegal dumping activities,” he said at the council’s full board meeting at Menara MPKj.

Municipal services and health department director Shariman Mohd Nor said the council had identified the six locations as well as a concessionaire that would manage the CCTV.

He said they would not disclose the locations as they want to catch the culprits redhanded.

“We also have access to real-time surveillance of the CCTV footage so we can send our officers to check the situation.

“At the end of the week or month, we will get an executive summary of the footage from the concessionaire,” he added.

Shariman said the CCTV rental costs about RM1,500 per unit, including digital storage for the footage and periodic reports.

“We had a trial period using it at Sungai Semungkis in Hulu Langat and managed to identify the patterns of those dumping illegally.

“We found that most of the illegal dumping were done by the same parties.

“The CCTV also managed to provide clear footage of the culprits and number plate of the vehicles they used to dump rubbish.

“From there, we took action against these perpetrators and alerted immediate stakeholders like the village head of such activities,” he said.

Shariman added that the CCTV could operate at night and during a downpour, providing quality 4K resolution video and images.

On Dec 11 last year, StarMetro reported that residents in Taman Suria had urged MPKj to instal CCTVs in the area as the illegal dumping there had worsened.