The Beautiful Game

22 February 2024

KDEBWM’s Managing Director, Dato’ Ramli Tahir proudly displaying the trophies that his team has won over the years along with his company’s jersey.

“People only remember the champ.” -Dato&rsquo..

Trash to Cash

22 February 2024

KDEB Waste Management Works Alchemy, Converting Rubbish to Today’s Gold – ENERGY!

Circular Economy is an extremely crucial part of managing a city’s ecosystem. It’s recycling and..

The Tree Of Knowledge

22 February 2024

There’s never a time to stop studying, no matter how busy Mahfuzah Muhammad Tarmidi gets in work and life.

Discerning readers should find Mahfuzah Muhammad Tarmidi’s name familiar.
The current Assistant..

Rough ride for rubbish trucks

22 February 2024

Drivers urge JKR to fix potholed road to Tanjung Duabelas landfill in Kuala Langat

Rubbish truck drivers who use Jalan Langat Lestari to get to Tanjung Duabelas Sanitary Landfill in Kuala Langat, Selangor, are urging..