KDEB Waste Management’s Sweeping Relief

11 January 2024


In the wake of natural disasters, the devastation left behind often goes far beyond the immediate aftermath. Rebuilding shattered..

KDEB Waste Management’s : Efficiency Unveiled

11 January 2024

Since taking charge in 2016, KDEB Waste Management (KDEBWM) has revolutionised Selangor’s waste management. The company now handles 10,000 tons of waste daily. With unwavering commitment, KDEBWM utilises..

KDEB Waste Managements – Smart Solutions Against the Illegal Dumping

11 January 2024
Selangor’s allure of abundant job prospects has attracted a significant influx of migration to the State, making it a bustling hub of growth and progress. However, with great prosperity comes great responsibility, and Selangor faces a..

Adopting Technology for A Cleaner Selangor

05 January 2024
Every day, more than 7,000 tonnes of domestic or municipal solid waste is produced in Selangor, which works out to more than 2.55 million tonnes a year. To put this into context, a NASA space shuttle is approximately 2,000..